Our Donald January 14, 2019

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OUR DONALD January 14, 2019

by Dick Eastman

Electing a president to save us from evil is a two way street, he works for us and we support him. Talmudic organized crime and its captured minds are not going to go without putting up a hell of a fight and they still control money, lending, media, education, corporations, legislatures, and all trafficking in slaves, arms, drugs, Hollywood, communism, war, revolution, and mercenary-spring pillaging and forced migration. Donald Trump is not a womanizer and he is not a liar. Donald Trump in front of a large audience of his supporters is always honest — he does not deceive those people. That’s my confident conclusion about this man, this good man. He told us he saw not need to be at odds with Russia. He told us he would pull out of Syria and Afghanistan, that is, he would bring the troops…

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