All Laws Must Comply With the Constitution or They Are Void

Patriots for Truth

AIM4Truther Mike N. wants all patriots to be aware of this information about the courts and constitution. We have included his entire note to us so that no details are missed:


In today’s (3/26/18) “My Bad” video/audio with Thomas, you stated that, “They’ve taken away all our Constitutional rights in these things [the agreements so vast they know we’re not going to read them].” 

I don’t know if you’ve looked at the 8-page document I emailed to you a few weeks ago entitled, Non-authority of the Feds, which you said you passed on to the Conclave.  So, I’ve attached another copy of it which I hope you will go through.

I doubt that any lawyers on your teams will agree with what I’m presenting to you, but they’re B.A.R. members and would be ostracized for straying from official and accepted doctrine.

First of all, the U.S. Supreme…

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