The CIA’s Saudi and Islamic State mole

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December 20-21, 2016 — The CIA’s Saudi and Islamic State mole

There is a reason why Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan has done everything possible to interfere with President-elect Donald Trump taking the reins of the presidency on January 20, 2017. As a mole for the Saudi royal family and a convert to Wahhabist Islam, Brennan has no desire to see certain individuals, who are well aware of his Islamist beliefs, ascend to positions of power in the U.S. intelligence community. The greatest threat to Brennan comes from retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, tapped by Trump to become the National Security Adviser.

Brennan the Saudi mole

High-level moles are the bane of every intelligence agency. There is still a reason to believe that the American spy for Israel, Jonathan Pollard, reported to a higher-level Israeli intelligence mole within the Reagan administration. Britain’s MI-5 Security Service remains plagued to this day over evidence that its Cold War-era director, Roger Hollis, was the “Fifth Man” in the “Cambridge Five” Soviet spy ring.

It matters not that the Cold War is over when suspecting there are senior level intelligence moles in American espionage agencies. Brennan, in almost every counter-intelligence sense, fits the bill as a mole.

In 2014, Flynn was fired as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) by President Obama. Obama was advised by Brennan to dump Flynn because the DIA director was producing intelligence policy documents showing that it was a mistake and against U.S. security interests to support Syrian jihadists who were trying to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. For Brennan’s Saudi and Wahhabist controllers, this was tantamount to blasphemy. 

Brennan blindsided the American people by claiming the Syrian rebel forces were “moderates.” Flynn countered Brennan in DIA intelligence reports by documenting how the majority of Syrian rebels were radical Islamists supported financially and militarily by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Moreover, Flynn maintained that “Turkey was looking the other way when it came to the growth of the Islamic State inside Syria.” Brennan was furious at his fellow Irish Catholic’s view of Syria and the Middle East.

The Saudis had carefully groomed Brennan ever since his days as CIA station chief in Riyadh in the mid-1990s. The Saudi King, as “Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines of Mecca and Medina,” arranged for Brennan, a convert to Wahhabi Islam while running the CIA’s Saudi station, to perform the “hajj” pilgrimage to Mecca. Only observant Muslims are permitted to visit the Al Kaaba Al Musharrafah (The Holy Kaaba) in Mecca. 

Brennan tried to keep his conversion a secret. However, after 9/11, the FBI began investigating all Saudi links within the U.S. government. What FBI agents soon discovered was that the Saudis had key intelligence and religious assets salted throughout the U.S. government and, most troubling, within the CIA. One of the key Saudi assets was Brennan.

Brennan’s systematic “disposition” of his enemies

In March 2013, just prior to Brennan’s being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, former FBI agent John Guandolo confirmed that Brennan had indeed converted to Islam while he was the CIA chief in Riyadh. Brennan had previously served as Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council. He was also in charge of the cleansing of the Obama/Dunham family passport files at the State Department in 2008 while CEO of The Analysis Corporation, a CIA contractor. 

It was Brennan who helped cover up the Saudi government’s role in the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, which killed 19 U.S. servicemen. As chief FBI investigator of the bombing, John O. Neill came across hard intelligence linking the Khobar bombings to the Saudi government. While not the only reason, it was a significant reason for Brennan to set O’Neill up in a briefcase theft caper before his retirement in 2001. O’Neill had just taken the job as head of security for the World Trade Center when the terrorist plot involving Saudi Arabia brought the towers down on September 11, 2001. O’Neill was killed in the collapse. Brennan fought strenuously against the release of the 28 classified pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. 

Although finally released with redactions and Brennan’s acquiescence, the 28 pages, although highly suggestive of Saudi government involvement, could not be used as prima facie evidence to implicate the House of Saud. There is no reason to believe that what was released constituted the original text contained in the 28 pages. Brennan had every reason to tamper with the original pages in order to protect the Saudis, and by extension, himself.

As CIA director, Brennan would possess most of the keys to the U.S. intelligence kingdom. And Brennan’s kingdom would make America’s most closely guarded secrets available to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world’s chief supporter of Islamic jihadist terrorist networks, including the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and numerous others.

To placate his Saudi masters, the Jesuit-educated Brennan opted to take the oath of office as CIA director on a copy of the secular U.S. Constitution, not on the Bible, as every past CIA director, Christian and Jewish, had done. One of Brennan’s first acts as CIA director was to ban the term “jihadist” to describe Islamist terrorists, preferring instead the word “extremist.” As a Wahhabi Muslim, Brennan understood that “jihad” is a term used in the Koran compelling observant Muslims to maintain and spread what they consider to be the one true faith in Allah (God). For Brennan to use the term “jihad” in a negative or pejorative sense would constitute “haram” or a “forbidden act,” according to the Muslim Koran and Sunnah religious texts. Brennan stated that any suggestion that the U.S. was at war with the religion of Islam was an affront to the faith, a comment spoken as a true Wahhabist believer.

Brennan’s climb up the ladder

Brennan worked his way up the ladder at the CIA after his conversion to Islam. In 1999, Brennan was appointed chief of staff to CIA director George Tenet. In March 2001, as final implementation plans were being laid to carry out the 9/11 attacks, Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA. After 9/11, Brennan was in charge of identifying, renditioning, and “terminating with extreme prejudice” anyone who could track 9/11 planning and implementation back to himself, the Saudi government, and the Israeli Mossad — a key intelligence partner of the House of Saud. But Brennan’s top mission was to ensure that a CIA asset, long groomed by Langley for the White House, was elected president in 2008. Barack Obama, who was schooled as a boy in Jakarta in the Muslim faith and whose Kenyan father was a Muslim, was the “chosen one.” Obama was propelled to the national stage after the political careers of a number of Illinois politicians — Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, and finally, Rod Blagojevich — were trashed in a series of CIA dirty tricks campaigns.

From 2003 to 2004, Brennan was the chief of the CIA’s Terrorist Threat Integration Center. While there, and later, while Obama’s counter-terrorism chief, Brennan called the shots on CIA drone targets as the custodian of the “Disposition Matrix.” Systematically, any jihadist who could have blown the whistle on Brennan was summarily liquidated. As CIA director, Brennan continued to use the “Disposition Matrix” to terminate potential witnesses to his selling out to the Saudis.

After Nigerian jihadist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab — the infamous “underwear bomber” — tried to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 during its final approach to Detroit International Airport from Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009, Brennan said U.S. intelligence agencies “did not miss any signs” that could have prevented the attempt. Brennan, again, was lying in order to cover up the fact that U.S. intelligence agents had cleared the Nigerian to board the flight without a passport by claiming he was a Sudanese refugee traveling only with refugee documents. 

Abdulmutallab, known as “Farouk1986” on various Internet websites as a jihadist sympathizer, was already known to be a follower of American citizen and Al Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki, a one-time consultant to the Department of Defense. On November 19, 2009, Abdulmutallab’s wealthy Nigerian banker father had informed the CIA station in Abuja, Nigeria that his son had “extreme religious views” and that he was in Yemen. Brennan ignored the intelligence from Abuja and gave the green light for the young Nigerian’s trip to Detroit. The underwear bomber incident gave Brennan the justification to order another drone strike. 

To clear the tracks away from Brennan back to Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda, the CIA’s chief judge and executioner ordered a drone hit on al-Awlaki in Yemen on September 30, 2011, and his teenage son in Yemen two weeks later. These drone hits eliminated problems with two potential witnesses to Brennan’s treasonous activities. As far as Abdulmutallab is concerned, he is permanently incommunicado as a result of a four consecutive lifetime sentence at the federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

Character assassination of Brennan’s opponents in the Intelligence Community

To protect his Muslim identity, Brennan also set about to destroy troublesome opponents. Former FBI agent Guandolo was the first to receive Brennan’s thuggish treatment. Information was leaked that Guandolo had, during 2005, maintained an intimate relationship with a confidential source, Lori Mody, in the federal prosecution of Louisiana U.S. Representative William Jefferson. Although trial judge T.S. Ellis III ruled the affair irrelevant to the case against Jefferson, Guandolo was forced to quit the FBI after the leak about his past sexual affairs somehow landed on the FBI director’s office from Guandolo’s therapist’s office. Guandolo resigned from the FBI in 2009 amid a furor over his extramarital affair with Mody. 

Apparently, the CIA continued to believe that breaking into psychiatrists’ offices was justified even after CIA agents had been caught doing it in the case of Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. After Guandolo, like Flynn, began warning about the jihadist threat, Brennan went on the warpath. Guandolo was cashiered as a result of the leak of therapist files to the FBI and Flynn was fired after he was tagged by Brennan as an enemy of Islam. When asked how the psychiatrist’s files ended up with the FBI, Guandolo stated simply, “it’s a lot simpler than you think.”

A declassified version of the DIA’s Secret report on the Islamic State, dated August 12, 2012, was unambiguous about U.S. — CIA and Obama — support for ISIL in Syria:


As the originating classification authority, Flynn had final say on what to release pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act filed by Judicial Watch with the DIA. And the fact that the above paragraph was allowed to be released, in full, sent Brennan and Obama through the roof. On April 30, 2014, Flynn was forced to retire, a full year before the end of his tour, from the U.S. Army. 

Brennan began circulating rumors to Washington officialdom that Flynn was guilty of developing his own facts, dubbed “Flynn facts,” in intelligence reports. Brennan’s goal was to discredit Flynn’s and the DIA’s intelligence pinning support for ISIL and other jihadists on the CIA. A tip from Flynn’s predecessor, Vincent Stewart, to former Secretary of State Colin Powell intimated that Flynn was “abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc.” It was information that Brennan used to convince Obama to send Flynn packing. 

It was no coincidence that Guandolo and Flynn both ended up being described as hate mongers by the Zionist-run Southern Poverty Law Center, an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” designed to stifle free speech in the United States and an organization that has served the interests of the CIA.

The recent assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov by an off-duty Turkish anti-riot police officer, who casually strolled into an art exhibit in Ankara, bears the markings of Brennan’s “Disposition Matrix.” Karlov served in Ankara since 2013 and his posting overlapped with Flynn’s term as DIA chief. It is known that Flynn, like Trump, sees Russia as an invaluable ally against the Islamic State and its major allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Brennan and his friends inside the Turkish dictatorship of Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying to spin the story that the Islamist police assassin of Karlov, Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, worked for the Fethulleh Gulen organization. Gulen is a moderate Muslim businessman-cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania who has been a fierce critic of the Islamic State and Erdogan’s alliance with it in Syria. 

Although a past CIA asset, Gulen would have no interest in ordering a hit on the Russian ambassador. As a Saudi intelligence mole, Brennan does have a keen interest in the killing of Karlov. By assassinating Karlov, Brennan has driven a wedge in an emerging Russian-Turkish agreement to consolidate Assad’s control of Aleppo and bring about the end of Brennan’s jihadist army in Syria.

Brennan’s CIA Secret report on Russia influencing the 2016 U.S. election through a cyber-offensive warfare program is another product of Brennan’s attempt to deny the White House to Trump. Brennan understands that his Saudi masters are fretting over Trump’s presidency and his antipathy toward to Saudi and Gulf Arab states. Guandolo, who has found a home with some problematic characters, including generic Muslim-haters like Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller, has stated that the Obama administration 
 “intentionally” aided terrorists and has committed treason. 

It is clear that Guandolo saw FBI raw intelligence on Brennan that would lead anyone to conclude that the Saudis and their Wahhabist imams have benefited from a major mole inside the CIA for at least two decades. And there is no telling what Flynn was able to gather on Brennan, especially while enjoying “all-source” intelligence access to signals intelligence intercepts from the National Security Agency, FBI field agents’ reports, and even CIA counter-intelligence reports on suspected moles within Langley. There is one thing for certain, Brennan is already destroying incriminating documents at CIA headquarters that could land him in prison for a very long time.

The Obama Regime’s Criminal Syndicate


Nearly a decade after the crash of the U.S. Housing market, the Obama administration continues to pursue claims against large financial institutions accused of contributing to the crash. For instance, in the past three years the Department of Justice (DOJ) settled with JPMorgan Chase & CO. in November 2013, Citigroup Inc. in July 2014, and Bank of America in August in 2014. These settlements concerned allegations related to the issuance of residential mortgage backed securities, and collectively these three settlements alone have totaled $36.65 billion in payments from the banks to various federal, state, non-governmental organizations, and direct consumer relief.

In a report released on Thursday by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee detailing how the DOJ has essentially become a massive crime syndicate in the business of shaking down financial institutions, the report noted that the DOJ’s Housing settlements removed millions of dollars of third party…

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Now available: The American Republic – Time for Inhabitants to Reclaim

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

Dear Americans:

You…along with most of us who are the lawful inhabitants of the Continental America, the official country with which most Americans identify, have been hoodwinked.  Yes…we have been deliberately deceived into believing  a narrative concocted by a clever band of criminals, mostly attorneys…working in collaboration with the British Crown, over at least the last 150 years.

As unbelievable as this may sound to many of you, please check it our for yourself.  Much of the details have been gathered, summarized and presented for your personal review, by Judge Anna von Reitz of Alaska.

Just to wet your appetite…see if the following series of events provides you with a hint as to how this was accomplished…and right under our own “trusting,” noses…  The Plan…The Plan!

If you are beginning to recognize the pattern of criminal abuse, which now that we have been made aware, most of us can see…

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February 1, 2013 — Answer to Lindsey Graham’s question to Chuck Hagel

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On January 31, Senate Armed Services Committee member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked former Senator Chuck Hagel at his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense the following question, “name one person, in your opinion, who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate.”

Hagel responded, “I don’t know.”

Hagel knew the answer but was subjected to the worst interrogation tactics the “Senate Sanhedrin” or “SS” could muster up.

So, we will answer Graham’s question for Hagel.

Question: “Who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate?”


Lamar Alexander
Kelly Ayotte
Tammy Baldwin
John Barrasso
Max Baucus
Mark Begich
Michael Bennet
Richard Blumenthal
Roy Blunt
John Boozman
Barbara Boxer
Sherrod Brown
Richard Burr
Maria Cantwell
Ben Cardin
Tom Carper
Saxby Chambliss
Daniel Coats
Tom Coburn
Thad Cochran
Susan Collins
Chris Coons
Bob Corker
John Cornyn
Mike Crapo
Ted Cruz
Joe Donnelly
Dick Durbin
Mike Enzi
Dianne Feinstein
Deb Fischer
Jeff Flake
Al Franken
Kirsten Gillibrand
Lindsey Graham
Chuck Grassley
Kay Hagan
Tom Harkin
Orrin Hatch
Martin Heinrich
Heidi Heitkamp
Dean Heller
Mazie Hirono
John Hoeven
James Inhofe
Johnny Isakson
Mike Johanns
Ron Johnson
Tim Johnson
Bob Casey Jr.
Tim Kaine
Angus King
Mark Kirk
Amy Klobuchar
Mary Landrieu
Frank Lautenberg
Patrick Leahy
Michael Lee
Carl Levin
Joe Manchin
John McCain
Claire McCaskill
Mitch McConnell
Bob Menendez
Jeff Merkley
Barbara Mikulski
Jerry Moran
Lisa Murkowski
Christopher Murphy
Patty Murray
Bill Nelson
Rand Paul
Robert Portman
Mark Pryor
Jack Reed
Harry Reid
Jim Risch
Pat Roberts
Jay Rockefeller
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Brian Schatz
Chuck Schumer
Tim Scott
Jeff Sessions
Jeanne Shaheen
Richard Shelby
Debbie Stabenow
Jon Tester
John Thune
Pat Toomey
Mark Udall
Tom Udall
David Vitter
Mark R. Warner
Elizabeth Warren
Sheldon Whitehouse
Roger Wicker
Ron Wyden

For starters, via Mossad, AIPAC has photos of “Miss Lindsey” inflagrante delicto with his coterie of “Gamecocks homecoming queens.” Even The State newspaper in Columbia is well aware of Miss Lindsey’s secret alternate life style but dares not publish the proof. What else does AIPAC have? DNA from “Diaper Dave” Vitter’s dirty Pampers, Bob Menendez underage prostitute photos from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, Mitch McConnell’s and James Inhofe’s very short military service “discharge” papers, and Johnny “Wet Start” McCain’s unredacted records from the USS Forrestal and the Hanoi Hilton. And that’s just for starters.

Public Notice: It is in your hands America; The Continental American Inhabitant!

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

Assurances have been been given. The elements of the deception exposed.  The treason has been revealed…
And those inflicting harm are being given notice.

  • The authority of the Americans who inhabit the jurisdiction of the land—Continental America is recognized.
  • The invading pirates of the jurisdiction of the sea have been identified and noticed.
  • The right and the authority of American Nationals, peaceful inhabitants of the Continental States, to defend their homeland, their families, their natural rights and their property are being established.
  • Now begins the process of cleaning house.
  • Now begins the process of restoring the Republic!

It began with the following orders:

More information was released in the form of a court order.
NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015

Now we have this update—with promises of more important releases within the next week

Download and print locally for presentation to…

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March 7-8, 2017 — Trump may have an Ace up his sleeve on wiretapping charge

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Although it appears, at first glance, that President Trump’s charge that the Obama administration is without merit, the president may have an important and crucial ace up his sleeve. 

On March 4, 2017, Trump tweeted: “How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” As is the usual case with Trump, his fingers type out words on his smart phone before he engages his brain. It would not have been Obama who ordered surveillance on Trump Organization phones in New York. The president cannot legally order such surveillance. The Federal Bureau of Investigation or the DNI would have asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), made up of U.S. federal judges, for a warrant to conduct such surveillance based on either a foreign intelligence angle regarding a “U.S. person” — thus involving the DNI — or a Title III criminal investigation wiretap order that would involve the FBI and Justice Department prosecutors. Such orders would have involved either Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The eavesdropping story that incurred Trump’s wrath was published by that wellspring of exaggerated stories, Breitbart News

The story was that in June 2016, the FBI/Department of Justice or the DNI
asked the FISC for a warrant to monitor the communications of Trump and officials of his Trump Organization and presidential campaign. According to Breitbart, that request was denied by the FISC, which has a record of generally approving all surveillance requests. In October 2016, so the story goes, a second, more narrowly-focused warrant is requested from the FISC to conduct surveillance of a dedicated network server at the Trump Tower that was only linked to two servers located at Alfa Bank, located in Moscow. The story about the FISC warrant requested on the Trump server comes solely from former British Tory MP Louise Mensch, a churlish columnist for Rupert Murdoch, whose two years in the British Parliament were highlighted by her membership on a media investigative committee where she defended Murdoch over the infamous phone-hacking scandal. 

At the height of the Greek financial crisis, Mensch tweeted: “Fuck you, Greece. Nasty things happening to nasty people.” Mensch insists that the word “Zionist” is an anti-Semitic code word for “Jew.” Mensch has opined that Theodor Herzl, a founder of the modern Zionist movement, was anti-Semitic because he used the word “Zionist.” In 2012, Mensch told the BBC, “I messed with my brain [taking hard drugs] . . . It’s had long-term mental health effects on me.” That is perhaps the only truthful thing Mensch, who is married to Metallica manager Peter Mensch, has ever said. Mensch and former Naval War College professor John Schindler form a Twitter pair. The duo constantly reference each others’ tweets, especially if they are bashing Russia, Trump, or anyone who criticizes Western intelligence agencies. Schindler was fired by the Naval War College for “sexting” a photo of his genitalia to a woman not his wife.

Mensch runs a disreputable web site called Heat Street. Although an avid Twitter user, Mensch called for Twitter and Facebook to be shut down in the UK during 2011 riots. Ironically, Mensch accused the social networking sites of spreading false rumors, something at which she excels, as seen in her baseless claims of electronic surveillance of Trump and his advisers in 2016. 

Although Mensch and Schindler are untrustworthy sources, there may be something to Trump’s allegations about electronic surveillance. On November 19, 2016, some three weeks after reports of Russian involvement with Russia had made their way to the U.S. Intelligence Community, courtesy of a controversial dossier compiled by former British MI-6 officer Christopher Steele, The Washington Post, reported that the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), the nation’s primary signals intelligence collection agency, visited Trump at Trump Tower in New York.

Rogers’s meeting with Trump was not authorized by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter or DNI Clapper, both of whom recommended to President Obama that Rogers be fired. Rogers’s meeting with Trump occurred on November 17.  The Post article stated: “The heads of the Pentagon and the nation’s intelligence community have recommended to President Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, be removed. Rogers was one of the names floated by the Trump transition team as a replacement for Clapper as DNI. The Post article continued: “In a move apparently unprecedented for a military officer, Rogers, without notifying superiors, traveled to New York to meet with Trump on Thursday [November 17] at Trump Tower. That caused consternation at senior levels of the administration, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal personnel matters.”

It is quite possible that Trump was made aware by Rogers of an NSA contrivance, authorized by Clapper, normally used to circumvent both FISA and Title III requirements for judicial warrants. Had NSA been ordered to conduct surveillance of Trump Tower, using the excuse of a “training exercise,” applicable federal law could have been bypassed. WMR reported on such training exercises being used by NSA to conduct surveillance of phone calls between Secretary of State Colin Powell and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. In a conversation with WMR, Richardson confirmed that his phone was tapped by NSA while he was engaged in unofficial negotiations, approved by Powell, with North Korea.

The communications of U.S. persons identified in NSA training operations are to be “minimized,” or redacted, according to U.S. Signals Intelligence Directive 18 (USSID), the NSA’s “bible” on the legal conducting of operations pursuant to FISA, and its amplifying regulations. Data collected on U.S. persons after the training exercise is also to be destroyed. However, as seen by the surveillance of Powell and Richardson and as accurately portrayed in the fictional movie, “Enemy of State,” which was produced with input from a retired high-ranking NSA official, that is not always the case.

In August 2016, Booz Allen Hamilton contractor for NSA, Harold Martin III, was arrested after it was discovered he and another unnamed individual, also arrested, had compromised NSA’s sophisticated digital network surveillance capabilities and cyber-snooping tools, known as Tailored Access Operations (TAO), to a party that was not a foreign power. Martin and the other individual were in possession of TAO information called the “keys to the kingdom.” Rogers was NSA director at the time of the breach. There is a distinct possibility that Rogers briefed Trump on November 17 about the nature of TAO and how it may have been used to conduct surveillance of Trump Tower in the same manner it is used to monitor the communications and computers of the United Nations and foreign missions to the UN and consulates in Manhattan.

On February 16, 2017, CBS News reported that Trump screamed at Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo over reports that the intelligence community was withholding information from the commander-in-chief. There is a possibility that the CIA was involved in the TAO breach discovered in August that involved Martin and his unidentified colleague and that TAO was used to target Trump Tower, particularly after Trump secured the Republican Party presidential nomination in Cleveland at the end of July. Whatever is the case, relations between Trump and Pompeo are frayed. Rogers has remained at NSA and may be feeding Trump information on an unauthorized and illegal operation conducted by TAO in concert with CIA plants inside NSA or the joint NSA-CIA Special Collection Service in Beltsville, Maryland that conducts TAO surveillance in the field.

Trump is not an expert in U.S. intelligence capabilities or operations, so he may have only understood a small part of the story of the details that were relayed by Rogers in November of last year. If TAO “training exercise” were involved in eavesdropping Trump and his advisers and staff, it would, in fact, make Watergate look like a minor infraction by comparison. However, as president, Trump is empowered to declassify all or part of any such operation and provide it to the public.

Note: As we were going to press, it was revealed that the CIA maintains its own version of NSA’s TAO and U.S. Cyber Command, the Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI). CCI includes the Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group. A party, as yet unknown, has revealed the existence of UMBRAGE, as well as other operations in the CIA, including the Embedded Devices Branch (EDB), Mobile Development Branch (MDB), Automated Implant Branch (AIB), Network Devices Branch (NDB), and Engineering Development Group (EDG). A huge tranche of some 8,761 highly-classified CIA documents describing the CIA’s hacking capabilities has just been released to WikiLeaks by an unknown source.

Our Donald January 14, 2019

richard writings

OUR DONALD January 14, 2019

by Dick Eastman

Electing a president to save us from evil is a two way street, he works for us and we support him. Talmudic organized crime and its captured minds are not going to go without putting up a hell of a fight and they still control money, lending, media, education, corporations, legislatures, and all trafficking in slaves, arms, drugs, Hollywood, communism, war, revolution, and mercenary-spring pillaging and forced migration. Donald Trump is not a womanizer and he is not a liar. Donald Trump in front of a large audience of his supporters is always honest — he does not deceive those people. That’s my confident conclusion about this man, this good man. He told us he saw not need to be at odds with Russia. He told us he would pull out of Syria and Afghanistan, that is, he would bring the troops…

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