White House battles U.S. Intelligence Factions

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The Obama White House is running a covert operation that is using authorized leaks of information through groups such as WikiLeaks and Anonymous to battle against other parts of the U.S. intelligence community that are resisting Obama efforts to engage in massive warfare in cyber-space, according to well-placed Pentagon insiders.

Using the assets of the U.S. Cyber Command, headed by General Keith Alexander and continuing warrantless wiretapping authorities carried over from the Bush administration, a covert group of White House conspirators working under the direction of White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) chief Cass Sunstein and National Security Council adviser Samantha Power, Sunstein’s wife, cyber-hackers have gained access to various computer networks and released information damaging to White House enemies in the intelligence community. The most recent target of such activity was the private intelligence firm Stratfor, an Austin, Texas-based company that is close to Republicans and employs a number of former CIA and Military Intelligence personnel.

While the White House has actively engaged in indicting and punishing government whistleblowers who have contacted the media, the OIRA-led group has been responsible for leaking volumes of data to the media, using WikiLeaks and members of the hacker group Anonymous as go-betweens. Although the Justice Department is trying Army Private First Class Bradley Manning and is seeking the extradition of Australian WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, the White House and State Department have admitted that none of the State Department cables, the highest classified as “Secret,” released through WikiLeaks were damaging to U.S. national security. However, Manning and Assange were unwitting pawns in high-stakes warfare between the Obama White House and its accomplices the U.S. intelligence community, including Alexander and CIA director David Petraeus.

U.S. government infiltration of activist groups

Two low-level operatives of the White House operation have already been identified as working as confidential informants for the FBI. Adrien Lamo helped to lure Manning into his web in order to provide the covert White House team with a “patsy” to ensure “plausible deniability” of White House involvement in the State Department cable release. And more recently, Hector Monsegur, aka “Sabu,” was identified as an FBI informant within the ranks of the hacker group LulzSec, which is linked to the hacking activities of Anonymous.

The entire covert White House operation is designed to advance cyber-space as a battleground in which to wage information warfare against various governments around the world with a view to undermining their credibility and causing them to fall as a result of U.S.-orchestrated street action and “themed” or “color” revolutions. It is known that there was resistance to such activities from career State Department foreign service officials, as well as current and retired CIA and Defense Intelligence agency personnel, some of whom work for Stratfor.

The leak of some 250,000 State Department cables and 5 million Stratfor e-mails by the covert White House group was engineered to undermine members of the Foreign Service and older and retired members of the U.S. intelligence community who oppose the use of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in actions that contributed to the ouster of regimes long-supported by the CIA and some senior U.S. diplomats, including those in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen.

U.S. government-sponsored campaigns of opinion-shaping and disinformation

The release by Invisible Children, an NGO with dubious motives, of the viral video about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony and his long-time abuse of child soldiers, “Kony 2012,” on YouTube, an act encouraged by the Sunstein/Power husband-wife team, is seen by State Department Africanists as a way to inject the already war-weary Pentagon into internal African civil warfare to the benefit of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) clients in the region, including Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame.

However, the White House team was sloppy in not thoroughly checking the content of the Stratfor emails. The push-back against the White House hacking and disinformation team can be seen in two Stratfor e-mails that mentions the operations of one of the members of the Sunstein/Power team, off-and-on State Department official Jared Cohen of Movements.org, one of the many organizations that are partly or fully funded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI). Cohen is now the director of Google Ideas.

In one email, dated February 11, 2011, Stratfor’s Fred Burton refers to Cohen as a “loose cannon” who is using his Google position to engage in “regime change” through a “scorched earth” policy. Burton suggests that Israel’s security agency Shabak pick Cohen up for an “interview” while entering Gaza after being involved in fomenting street protests in Tunisi8a and Egypt. The e-mail also says it was uncertain whether Cohen was acting on his own — “driving without a license” — or working on the “part of leftest [sic] fools inside the WH who are using him for their agendas.”

WMR has learned from Pentagon sources that Cohen was, in fact, acting on behalf of the Sunstein/Power group. In addition, we have learned that Cohen’s operation was supported by Sarah Sewall, the founder of the Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Project at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Carr Center and a close adviser to Petraeus and Obama. Sewall was a member of the Obama Transition Team for national security and she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance in the Clinton administration. Along with Petraeus, Sewall wrote a foreword to the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Manual, released in 2007.

Along with Sunstein, Power, U.S. ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, and chief Obama policy adviser Valerie Jarrett, Sewall is part of the “brain trust” running the covert White House computer hacking and information warfare team. After successfully engineering the toppling of the Ben Ali, Mubarak, Qaddafi, and Saleh regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, respectively, the team is now concentrating on regime changes in Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Myanmar, Sudan, Algeria, Russia, and China.

Conversely, the White House operation, using automatic “sock puppet” software among other tactics, is attempting to forestall the popular overthrow of unelected supranationally-installed austerity governments in Greece and Italy by spreading the meme that the Greek and Italian working class are lazy tax evaders who have been living off the public dole.

In a March 29, 2011, e-mail, Stratfor’s Sean Noonan wrote that Cohen was part of a State Department initiative in 2008 that saw the foundation of Movements.org and that this was part of a program initiated during the Bush administration to engage in “public diplomacy” over the Internet. The email cites the 21st Century Diplomacy and Civil Society 2.0 programs as being part of this initiative and that one of the first operations of the State Department team was to organize a worldwide protest against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2008. But where the Stratfor analysis was mistaken was its conclusion that Cohen’s Movements.org had split with the U.S. government. If one defines the covert White House information operations team as separate from the U.S. government, Stratfor would be correct. However, the Sunstein/Power/Sewall/Rice/Jarrett/McFaul team has been officially sanctioned by President Obama, CIA director Petraeus, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even though Power referred to Mrs. Clinton as a “monster” during the 2008 presidential election campaign, this has not curbed Clinton’s enthusiasm for using the “soft power” of Facebook, Twitter, NGOs, and propagandized Al Jazeera, Voice of America, and other media to bring about regime change in targeted countries. The Noonan email states that Cohen and Movements.orgestablished cells across Cairo in support of the Egyptian April 6 Youth Movement.

The White House covert information warfare program also enjoys the support of International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo who is ensuring that officials of the United States and its allies are not accused of war crimes in fomenting and stoking the flames of internal rebellions.

The Noonan email cites the role of two organizations funded by the CIA, used to mount and anti-government uprising in Serbia, and inspired by the Albert Einstein Institutions Gene Sharp, the architect of the current CIA blueprint for co-opted revolutions — the Center for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) and OTPOR! The role of the 2008 State Department-sponsored Alliance for Youth Summit in New York in backing the future April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt is also referenced. The email also states that Otpor! lost much of its steam after the 2003 assassination of Otpor’s favored leader, Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Dindic, in 2003. In a “not for publication” paragraph, the email states, “Serbia is exactly what we don’t want to see”—Otpor needed a political leader and was able to create that, but Dindic was assassinated in 2003 and the momentum of Otpor has not been maintained afterwards.”

The Noonan email also states that Myanmar and Cuba are targets for Movements.orgin organizing themed revolutions. The information corresponds to the information WMR received about the current priorities of the covert White House information operations group.

Re:movements.org founder Cohen
Email-ID 1113596
Date 2011-02-11 19:42:49
From burton@stratfor.com
To bokhari@stratfor.comscott.stewart@stratfor.comsecure@stratfor.com
The dude is a loose canon.

GOOGLE is trying to stop his entry into Gaza now because the dude is
like scorched earth.

Its unclear to GOOGLE if he’s driving w/out a license, but GOOGLE
believes he’s on a specific mission of “regime change” on the part of
leftest fools inside the WH who are using him for their agendas.

I would hope the Shabak pick him up for “an interview”.

Re: [alpha] INSIGHT- US/MENA-Movements.org
Email-ID 1140035
Date 2011-03-29 23:45:20
From burton@stratfor.com
To alpha@stratfor.com
List-Name alpha@stratfor.com

From: Sean Noonan
Sender: alpha-bounces@stratfor.com
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:17:19 -0500 (CDT)
To: Alpha List
ReplyTo: Alpha List
Subject: Re: [alpha] INSIGHT- US/MENA-Movements.org
He is a co-founder and board member. So he oversees the show, but isn’t
doing day-to-day work.

On 3/29/11 4:12 PM, Bayless Parsley wrote:

So what is Cohen’s current ties with them?

On 3/29/11 4:04 PM, Reginald Thompson wrote:

SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Main organizer at movements.org
PUBLICATION: Some is not for publication. Rest is background
ITEM CREDIBILITY: [in terms of knowing what movements.org is doing,
they are A-1, but in terms of what the other groups are doing, source
is not great]

My Notes:

How Movements.org got started: [This part is not for publication]
in 2008 it became apparent to the USG that they needed to do public
diplomacy over the Internet. So Jared Cohen was at DoS then and
played a major role in starting the organization. The main goal was
just spreading the good word about the US. Similar inititiaves have
come about in 21st Century Diplomacy and Civil Society 2.0, but
Movments.org has since split from the US government. A key turning
point in leading to its creates was seeing Oscar Morales organize a
Global Day of Protest against FARC in 2008. This is the first time
social networking was really used to organize a protest. [This part
is not for publication]

Three goals- Taking people wanting social change from the internet to
constructive activism by:
1. monopolizing on initial success (this generally means getting
popular on facebook)
2. Staying secure
3. Peer-to-peer training

Currently choosing “Unlikely Leaders” to be invited to the next Global
Summit. These are people that for example start a facebook activisit
group that becomes very popular and then suddenly are completely
unprepared–much like April 6 in Egypt. CANVAS will also be invited.
Source is familiar with them, but has not been through their

they are part of a network of NGOs ready to negotiate with Facebook
when activist accounts are deleted or hacked. Movements.org wants a
sort of Facebook customer service to be created just to deal with
activism, since there are positives and negatives to allowing
anonymous accounts, and those will probably never be allowed anyway.

Movements.orgis engaging with these groups once they actually get
popular. This is the main criteria for their involvement, or inviting
them to their Summits.

Answer to the neutrality issue– “we are by no means trying to
overthrow governments.”Movements.orggoal is to develop civil society
and social movements.

[Not for Pub. And don’t let this get back to RS501, for now]
“Serbia is exactly what we don’t want to see”—Otpor needed a
political leader and was able to create that, but Dindic was assinated
in 2003 and the momentum of Otpor has not been maintained
afterwards. [Not for pub]

The Internet is helpful in bring people together, but the hard part is
keeping them together. The first real examples politically were the
color revolutions and now MENA. But the challenge has been keeping
the momentum going to keep these social movements alive. They were a
case study in the power of technology for short-term political change,
but that’s it.

Movements.orgwas communicating with someone at April 6 who said they
had established different cells across Cairo in case one group was
arrested. [not sure if we knew this]

Egyptians are now presented with two choices–1. to find a political
leader and take power or, 2. To create a sustainable social movement.
Source sees this as a dichotomy.

Manuel Castells is the only academic to have really examined the
internet in terms of social networks.

Agrees with S-weekly on Social media. The impetus for these
revolutions is there already, social media is just tapping into that.


First, to explain the thing about Serbia- the source is pretty set on
trying to create these long-term sustainable social movements that are
effective over various issues, rather than new political parties that
take power. The criticism of OTPOR is interesting, and is telling
about how Movements.org would like to work.

I get the idea that this organization is actually farther behind then
we are–understaffed and inexperienced. I don’t mean this critically,
because really no one is that experienced in on line organization–they
are breaking new ground. They have a pretty good understanding of the
challenges presented by social media–and that is really what they are
focusing on, but don’t really have solutions yet. Their main response
to this is to develop this peer-to-peer training done through people
they designate as ambassadors to work with others in their own country
or region. So really what Movements.org is doing right now is
creating a database of training materials and valuable networks for
groups to learn from each other–not doing direct training like

They are also doing everything after things get started–waiting for
these groups to get big, then trying to work with them. This means
they aren’t identifying countries or groups to start some shit in.
Though, I get the impression they would like to be more active in the more oppressive countries like Cuba and Myanmar. You can probably
see how the idealism bleeds through.


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Barack Hussein Obama

Mr. Obama as your stint in the White House comes to an end let me say this…you were never my President. Your values and integrity were not close to anything I imagined my President, an American President, should be. Your message of “Hope and Change” and “fundamental transformation” were built on deception and arrogance.

The jihad of divide and conquer strategies have caused much chaos and division and un needed bloodshed in our great American Republic and in my view is nothing short of treason., though I must believe, you were not the puppet master but merely the messenger who lacked the moral conscience needed of a Christian man. The neglect of Black Americans is just one of your many misgivings that writes your self absorbed “Legacy”. The false dreams you gave Americans were that of your Father in which, as close as we all can figure out, was a Muslim Communist. How do those ideals match Americans? Our borders overflow with Muslim refugees not Christian, which they, would have been better served within their own countries, safely guarded by a humanitarian force. But, you say, this serves Americas interests?

It is more and more coming to light , Mr. Obama, that your “fundamental transformation” has meant the American Islamic State. With you as the leader of the largest caliphate. This became evident through your actions in the Middle East, Iranian payment, attempted subversion of the Israeli elections and endless Somali Muslim immigration among the few. Some refugees, I hear, are being flown to older evacuated Airports nightly. If the Russians hacked our computer systems in any way, though wrong and points to greater cyber security needs, I feel it may have saved America from a greater fate. Your partner in crimes, Hillary Clinton, has attempted to install an Islamic style system with her assault on the Electoral system and American Constitution. All the money her Foundation, campaign, as well as yours has come from many of these Islamic factions and I am sure they are demanding accountability. ‘Heavy is the Crown” huh?

Let me be clear….this Election spoke to the maintenance of an American Christian nation and a Constitution of our Founding Fathers. Islamic ideals and beliefs are not compatible. It is as simple as that. This does not excuse you from American Constitutional Law for which you and others have tried to bastardize to fit your needs for hegemony. The “Agents of Change” within our Media, Government, Educational systems and Society will either be flushed or fought at every twist of their propaganda. Every deception your Father taught you will be negated starting by educating a free society of the ills of their nature.

Our American nation is not perfect, nor do we claim to be, but the first thing your father, as well as Hillary’s should have taught or gave you was honesty and love. Unlike you, I believe, people are good by nature in which due to your un humanitarian actions both foreign and domestic shows your lack of fundamental understanding. Furthering  ideologies incompatible and endangering the principles of “life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for which our Christian American nation was founded upon. Christian American Patriots may forgive you…but we cannot forget.

Call this “Fake News” if you wish because I make no reference to links or so called facts to prove my disdain. My research has kept an eye on your misdeeds, absent the Main Stream Media deception, disinformation agents and through the writings and reporting of “Patriots of Change” who still believe God, America, our Founding Fathers and for the Constitution for which you and your Administration minions attempted to subvert.

The curtain has been pulled back and the “Great Oz” has been revealed and he is as big of a bumbling idiot as depicted!


The War on Reality 

The American people have endured a lot through the last several years by unscrupulous and self serving Corporations, Politicians and a slew of greedy Foreign and Domestic self interest organizations and individuals. These entities have put forward an onslaught of enslaving and self serving schemes and plots to create a reality of their needs and desires for hegemony, whether it be World, Nation, State or City. One entity that has been at the fore front on the assault on reality, truth and liberty has been the propaganda unleashed by America’s Main Stream Media and it’s “Agents of Change”.

The phrase ” We hold these truths to be self-evident” speaks to the heart of transparency today. Though I am a big proponent of an internet free of chains we must all be vigilant in our search of truthful information above sensationalism and personal attacks of agenda. Remember if it walks like a duck…quacks like a duck…99% of the time… it is a duck. Headline stories from our most respected news sources of the past often have proven to be agents of disinformation and self service. Journalistic integrity has been reduced to talking heads repeating their own realities and agenda based in part on statistics received from partisan pollsters and the infection of a monopolizing security state of intelligence subversives . What happened to the Clinton election…the same thing that paid for it…CRONYISM.  That “Good Ol’ Boy” mentality of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours…is not being expressed in democratic , capitalistic bartering anymore but socialistic enslavement.

The Alternative Media running through the internets veins is full of individuals and organizations dedicated to an America, its Republic and a moral conscience of the founders, true “Patriots of Change” who serve others. Though as time goes on ,it too, must be held to scrutiny and self policing to avoid infection. As Americans we must do this… not our Government. Governments involvement in the internet of things has already proven to serve its master,not the American publics. Reputable News services would not have allowed their integrity to be compromised. Once they became complicit they became the “duck”.

Yes, Main Steam Medias War on Reality, in which I view as complicit in crimes against “We The People”,  serves as a forefront to the blocking of transparency and truths on all informational fronts. The fight for FOIA information, unjust Copyright legislation, UN internet controls, social media oppression and recently McCarthy like “Fake News” accusations are all involved in the war on FREE SPEECH and America’s First Amendment Rights. Like Gruber said…”lack of transparency is a huge political advantage” and Obamacare rages on! Initiators of such propaganda and Constitutionally unjust verbiage should be asked…when did it become more important to deceive fellow man than to serve fellow man? Just because we have not lived under an oppressive regime doesn’t mean we want too… and this is what your tactics promote. It is not American! Self service is a building block of Dictatorial, Socialistic and Communist regimes. Manufactured dissent is an enemy of “We The People” and targets innocent minds.

In the spirit of the our Founders who opposed the self serving tyranny of the British monarchy   and the targeting of “innocent” minds and bodies for enslavement…I for one consider the Main Steam Media machine to be not only the real “Fake News” but traitorous to the American public. Americans must vet their news sources more than ever it is imperative to a FREE REPUBLIC and preservation of our Constitutional Rights….

God Bless America!

Note: Naming of Media sources has been omitted to protect the “innocent”…the guilty know who they are…


“We The People” Act Legislation for Citizens control of Government Overreach