Our Guns and Our Government

We reasonably cannot expect Government to protect us because as history as shown..the reason we were allowed to have Gun protections is because of a Tyrannical Government. Government has no Right to legislate to any American Citizen against my Right To Bear Arms as GUARANTEED by the US Constitution as well proven by Governments repeated attacks on our Bill Of Rights & Human Rights.

Our Founders knew of Tyrannical Government and wrote this Freedom as a Human Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Their foresight was a gift of Love and not Hate.

The ability to protect our families and ourselves from being forced in to a life of slavery by unscrupulous people both Foreign and Domestic.These self serving manipulators have been allowed to conduct inhumane and unjust LEGALESE assaults on our Constitution as well as our Bill of Rights. Their assaults only prove the greater need for Americas Citizens to protect themselves from oppressive dictates. Americans must arm themselves and prepare for the COMING. The Knock..knock..BOOM!.

Now as it was in the Founders time we must resist the UN Agendas prepared by non elected Foreign Dictators with Domestic agents through promotion of propaganda schemes of death, education system subversion and economic destruction which are creating a society of oligarchical oppression with the United States. Political thievery of Politicians,Lawyers, Lobbyists, Foundations of Authoritarians and secret non elected wealthy Secret Societies have and are scheming for the United States and the American peoples destruction. What is their goal…you only need to read between the lines to see their agendas of austerity. Your destruction under the guise of POPULATION CONTROL. These genocidal eugenicists believe, you are a USELESS EATER.

What can we as American Citizens do? All American citizens of every creed must cherish and protect the Rights given by the Founding Fathers who dealt with the schemes of a oppressive British Monarchy. Respect and honor those words and thoughts of love for the American people in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Let us design our Government from their guidance and with our hearts eliminating those agents of change that wish to enslave us. Start by punishing those by the Rule of Law who have willingly tried to bury and destroy the Founders wishes through hateful subversion and radical self service.

Showing mercy is a virtue and as Americans we must avoid bloodshed when applying correction..but We The People must understand if these EVIL forces will not relent and Government will not police the Founders goal for our Liberty, than we must all use the Right to Bear Arms our Founders and our Human Rights dictate and use our weapons of Freedom and preserve our Liberty .

We Must Fight!

February 1, 2013 — Answer to Lindsey Graham’s question to Chuck Hagel

Re Blogged from the Wayne Madsen Report

On January 31, Senate Armed Services Committee member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked former Senator Chuck Hagel at his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense the following question, “name one person, in your opinion, who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate.”

Hagel responded, “I don’t know.”

Hagel knew the answer but was subjected to the worst interrogation tactics the “Senate Sanhedrin” or “SS” could muster up.

So, we will answer Graham’s question for Hagel.

Question: “Who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate?”


Lamar Alexander
Kelly Ayotte
Tammy Baldwin
John Barrasso
Max Baucus
Mark Begich
Michael Bennet
Richard Blumenthal
Roy Blunt
John Boozman
Barbara Boxer
Sherrod Brown
Richard Burr
Maria Cantwell
Ben Cardin
Tom Carper
Saxby Chambliss
Daniel Coats
Tom Coburn
Thad Cochran
Susan Collins
Chris Coons
Bob Corker
John Cornyn
Mike Crapo
Ted Cruz
Joe Donnelly
Dick Durbin
Mike Enzi
Dianne Feinstein
Deb Fischer
Jeff Flake
Al Franken
Kirsten Gillibrand
Lindsey Graham
Chuck Grassley
Kay Hagan
Tom Harkin
Orrin Hatch
Martin Heinrich
Heidi Heitkamp
Dean Heller
Mazie Hirono
John Hoeven
James Inhofe
Johnny Isakson
Mike Johanns
Ron Johnson
Tim Johnson
Bob Casey Jr.
Tim Kaine
Angus King
Mark Kirk
Amy Klobuchar
Mary Landrieu
Frank Lautenberg
Patrick Leahy
Michael Lee
Carl Levin
Joe Manchin
John McCain
Claire McCaskill
Mitch McConnell
Bob Menendez
Jeff Merkley
Barbara Mikulski
Jerry Moran
Lisa Murkowski
Christopher Murphy
Patty Murray
Bill Nelson
Rand Paul
Robert Portman
Mark Pryor
Jack Reed
Harry Reid
Jim Risch
Pat Roberts
Jay Rockefeller
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Brian Schatz
Chuck Schumer
Tim Scott
Jeff Sessions
Jeanne Shaheen
Richard Shelby
Debbie Stabenow
Jon Tester
John Thune
Pat Toomey
Mark Udall
Tom Udall
David Vitter
Mark R. Warner
Elizabeth Warren
Sheldon Whitehouse
Roger Wicker
Ron Wyden

For starters, via Mossad, AIPAC has photos of “Miss Lindsey” inflagrante delicto with his coterie of “Gamecocks homecoming queens.” Even The State newspaper in Columbia is well aware of Miss Lindsey’s secret alternate life style but dares not publish the proof. What else does AIPAC have? DNA from “Diaper Dave” Vitter’s dirty Pampers, Bob Menendez underage prostitute photos from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, Mitch McConnell’s and James Inhofe’s very short military service “discharge” papers, and Johnny “Wet Start” McCain’s unredacted records from the USS Forrestal and the Hanoi Hilton. And that’s just for starters.